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Joe Goddard



Joe Goddard (aka Ulysses), has been a somewhat inescapable figure of the past few years. As vocalist, percussionist and synth-wizard in Hot Chip, he’s seduced listeners from both rock and dance spheres over the course of three albums, melding live instrumentation and electronics with an irresistibly twee aesthetic. The group have always been interested in the dance floor, as proven by their remarkably diverse additions to the Bugged Out! and DJ Kicks catalogue, mountain of remixes and hectic DJing schedule, with Goddard spinning records either solo or alongside his Hot Chip companions.

Hot Chip, out of London, England, is a contemporary band that plays a style of music not easily categorized in one genre. Hot Chip members play live instruments and sing on stage, but also use synthesizers and computer-programmed vocals and effects. Quite often labeled as an indie electronica group, Hot Chip was formed by two childhood friends. By 2008 the band consisted of five multi-instrumentalists with totally unique styles that somehow fit together.At home on the hipster indie electronic-rock label DFA Records (co-owned by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy), Hot Chip's music begins on a computer, offering songs that still sound intimate.

Friends since childhood, Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard began making music on their computers as Hot Chip while still in high school in the late 1990s. While Goddard programmed and made dance and hip-hop beats on his laptop computer, Alexis would add his own vocals and guitar, using various keyboards. After high school, Taylor and Goddard sold their own self-recorded (burned on CD-Rs) CDs of singles and EPs. In 2000 they sold nearly 200 copies of the EP Mexico, and followed up with another CD-R titled Sanfrandisco E-Pee.
Their friend Owen Clarke began doing Hot Chip's artwork, and more often than not would be around during recordings. He ended up adding tracks to their music and later became a member of the band. Clarke played guitar, bass, synthesizer, and percussion at Hot Chip's live shows.

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Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard For You (DJ Koze Remixes)

Michael Mayer & joe goddard

For You (DJ Koze Remixes)

VÖ-Datum: 10.03.2017
Label: !K7
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Mixhell & Joe Goddard, Soulwax / Joe God Crocodile Boots ( Remixes)

Mixhell & joe goddard, Soulwax / Joe God

Crocodile Boots ( Remixes)

VÖ-Datum: 20.02.2017
Label: Delayed Records
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