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I could start this biography talking about me on the third person and saying that I?ve shared the cabin with all the greatest names of the world dance scene, as well as I?ve played in all major cities in the planet? but? who cares?
What really matters is music, this kind of art responsible for the transmission of emotions among people since millions of year!
We live in a era where music has become, above all, a business with millions of profits, fast consuming, and where an artist may be on top of the table in a day and on the bottom the following day. The idea of ?art? is increasingly put aside, in favor of the ?selling image? coupled to the fashionable hairstyle. We went from a genuine transmission of feelings, to music created by patterns and mathematical formulas studied exhaustively to make it profit.
Well, I?ll stop criticizing music industry and start talking about me. I was born on the beautiful island of São Miguel, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and where I?ve lived for 21 years. Early, I got influences of electronic music (much because of what my brothers listened) by names like Jean Michel Jarre, Yanni, Vangelis and kraftwerk. These names are the basis of my musical education, as they have awakened me to the reality that it could be possible to make so much with only a couple of racks filled with buttons. At the age of 10 I was registered at the Ponta Delgada Musical Conservatoire, where I think I didn?t complete the 1st grade. Today, I realize how stupid I was then.
By 1998 (with the expansion of the internet) I started to listen a lot of new music that I?ve never heard before. This music wasn?t on MTV or radio, but it was filled with quality, awaking me to a new existential doubt: what have I been losing all these years?
At the age of 16 I had my first experience as a DJ in small parties with friends. I got impressed how powerful a DJ is and how much emotion I could deliver by the music I had chosen. After that experience, I drew a goal and directed everything in my life towards achieving it: I want to live out of music. By the time, I also started to develop some knowledge in music production using the Propellerhead Rebirth Software. Soon, Propellerhead Reason 1.0 was released, which I exhaustively explored.
Before turning 21 years old, I?ve been resident in a local club (Opera Club), which allowed me to better understand how the night works and to get some maturity, as well as I?ve been touted by the now extinct Islandsound Agency.
At a certain point in my life, I found out that to evolve I would need more precise technical knowledge, which I could not acquire as a self-taught. So, I decided to study Audio to Lisbon. During the three years of studying, I?ve been in some projects, among them I highlight the project Atlantic Tribe, in which I edited my first EP, as well as had the opportunity to play from north to south of the country.
After finishing my course and releasing more than 20 EP?s by publishing music companies that go from Japan to the United Stated of America, I started to work as a teacher/trainer responsible for teaching courses in DJ and Production on Dancefloor DJ Academy, as well as I started doing some mastering services for some artists.
By the end of 2009 beginning of 2010 Monog Records was born. It?s a project that has all my commitment and dedication as A&R, being the first release scheduler for April 2010.