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Joachim Pastor



Joachim Pastor, born and bred in Paris, has been surrounded by music
since he entered the conservatory at the age of 4. Joachim’s musical
interests grew very wide during his 14 years of conservatory while he
was learning to play a variety of musical instruments and while he was
playing in bands. Encouraged by one of his teachers, Joachim started
producing music when he was still a teenager which was a logical move
regarding his devotion to music.

Several years later Joachim met Sébastien Léger who turned out to be a
great “mentor” for music production skill development. Soon after,
famous techno music producer popof discovered Joachim with track
“Gailo” which lead to releasing Joachim’s EP “Diform” on Popof’s label
Form in 2009. His releases were followed by huge support by DJs like
by Sébastien Léger, AKA AKA, Umek, Brodinski, Fergie, Giacomotto, Da
Fresh, Greg Delon, Popof...

Now his music has already been released on other well known and
recognized labels as mistakes music, Boxer recordings, Burlesque
Musique, Kling Klong...

Although Joachim finds no words to describe his music, one could label
his tracks as typically a mix of subtle melody and groovy techno. They
could also be described along the lines of “intelligent, funky
tech-House tracks” as his fellow Eric Braden from Boxer recordings has
said. But what is known as a fact is that Joachim has his own musical

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