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Music is, as everybody knows, "the Key" which people connects and has many-sided directions. I did my first musical experience in the early eighties with the timeless and legendary break dance. All titles of this era as for example tracks of "Newcleus" or " Agytian of lover " have impressed me even really.. the sound engineering of this time interested me very much. After hearing and collecting several records I noted my concern in producing own tracks.Thus in 1986 my first small studio originated with the pioneer calculator " Atari Mega ST 1 " and some Synthis I did my first walking attempts as a producer with. During the past years my life's dream came true. By making experimental music and attending seminars of Steinberg in 2003 my first release was published at "Overdrive Records" (Andy Duex-Mainz). Co-productions with DJay's as for example " DJ Taucher " (album Progession I), " DJ George Perry alias Dj Joerck, BeatDesaster/Mainz are meanwhile also already on the market. I produce and compose very experimental, generating new own sounds with my own style to stamp the sound a little bit different. My tracks are a mixture of electronic music with partly percussive Elements, trance style and mello messages. "Cubase SX" and " Ableton live " is my Sequenzer - software PC based I work with. I am interested with pleasure in new Remixes, co-productions from all style directions.

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THORSTEN SCHUTH & jaybeetrax


VÖ-Datum: 26.10.2011
Label: vinyl villa
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