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jason little



Jason Little aka Sven Reuter was born at the dawn of the wild 80s. Ever since his first contact with music, he know he would soon dedicate the rest of his life to beats, breaks and drums. At the tender age of 8 years old Jason started playing keyboard which he studied for 2 years before becoming infected with a darker, and less sweet side of music not everyone would perhaps understand. Well, his parents didn't ? that's for sure! Whenever Jason had the chance during the week-end he simply switched his keyboard to auto-play so he could than sneak out along with some friends to smuggle himself into the early Thunderdome parties. Right there and then things became clear and Jason knew what he had to do ? these rock hard beats, huge subs and mind blowing distorted waves showed him the way.

A few years and many productions later, he burst onto the then young Hardtechno scene with his own label. His productions impressed major players like DJ Rush, mario ranieri, Pet Duo and Felix Krocher some of with whom he has since has co-produced several records. And the man's only just getting started!

Aside from his own label, Jason has released on Compressed Records, the Slovenian based Fatallic-Resignation, Cannibal Society, Domestic Violence, Killfactory, Mental Torments, Crowbar and many more. Additionally he has released a series of Co-Productions with several big name producers on the limited edition series ?Jason?s Mask?. His cult status as a producer has also propelled his DJ career, and he has since performed his brutal sets in most European countries, including events such as Apokalypsa, Ruhr in Love, Nature One, etc.