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Jan Wayne, a German DJ and dance producer, managed to rise to success in a short time. Within less than a year of his first appearance, Jan Wayne had become one of the most successful dance producers and hottest DJs in Europe, as excellent CD sales and a large number of national and international chart successes will demonstrate. Initial successes included obtaining the i.a. Top 1 and his single “Because The Night” reaching gold status in the Netherlands. Appearances in well-known TV-Shows like “The Dome”, “Top Of The Pops”, “Club Rotation” as well as bookings in countries like Austria, The Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia, Belgium, Spain and of course Germany are “business as usual” today.

Born in January 1974, he already had a very strong interest in music during his childhood. Inspired by the record collection of his elder brother, he began to collect a quite considerable number of vinyls. Parties with his classmates provided the first opportunities for “performances”. After finishing school and parallel to his apprenticeship as bank clerk, he tried to get into closer contact with nearby clubs. He was allowed to perform short sets during the breaks of resident DJs. First proper bookings followed very quickly.

In 1992 Jan joined a booking agency. Within a short time, his sphere of activity spread and covered lastly the complete Northern German area. The ability of playing the greatest Techno and Trance–tunes besides cool Vocal-House-sounds, hot R´n´B-music and the best classics of the 70s and 80s, helped him to become resident DJ in various clubs. Besides his work as DJ, he got a job as a promoter, which provides him an insight into the business of music industry.

In 2001 a long expected dream came true. Jan produced his first track: a cover version of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”. He re-arranged Bonnie Tyler’s classic hit (one of his personal favourites) with a hot beat and “hands-up” style that proved to be dynamite in the clubs.

Here the success story of DJ Jan Wayne begins: “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” didn’t just cause overcrowded dance floors, it also became Top 13 in German single charts. The sensational success was easily outshone by the follow-up single “Because The Night”. The title earned a spot in the Top 4 during the first week and stayed in the Top 10 for nine weeks. Both titles are amongst the ten most successful German dance titles of the first half of 2002.

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Various Artists Running Beats 15 - Musik Zum Laufen (Hands up Edition V) [Inkl. 5 KM & 10 KM Mix]

Various Artists

Running Beats 15 - Musik Zum Laufen (Hands up Edition V) [Inkl. 5 KM & 10 KM Mix]

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