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Head High



Shed is a man of action, a living example how to reinvent oneself again and again within the boundaries of electronic music. At the same time, Shed does not follow shallow trends. The Berlin-based producer firmly believes in the power of techno music. When techno was invented, Shed was not present. Born in 1975 in Frankfurt/Oder in the former GDR, he was simply too young. And also too far away from where techno was happening. As it turns out, being afar from epicentres like Berlin or Frankfurt/Main, was a blessing. Listening to the radio, Shed could absorb all kinds of music, styles and genres without being aware of the music's point of origin, the fighting and the bitching between various cities, crews and labels. Music is music. This is not only still true, but was at the time the most famous quote from Monika Dietl. She was the first DJ who played techno on the radio in Berlin. Like no one else, she was in this for new music only and perfectly ignored the past. She did not play cheesy disco classics, but focused on new tunes from Chicago and Detroit, celebrated local scenes like the Netherlands and, most importantly, played music from the UK. Shed was hooked instantly. The sample-based sound of UK-hardcore, a quick liaison with Gabba and the back catalogue of Djax Up introduced techno to him in it's purest form possible. Then he finally discovered Chicago and Detroit. Deep inside the ever-fascinating triangle of beats, breaks and samples, he today identifies 1995/96 as the most important time in Techno for him,

It is this very love for the early days, for a time in which nothing had been decided yet, which is shimmering through and through on his second album for Ostgut Ton. "The Traveller" is not about the cultivated yet boring DJ-tool, but pitches those qualities of techno, which got us all going in the first place. Passion, surprise and the never-ending strive to push both the human being and the machines to the limit.

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Head High Burning

head high


VÖ-Datum: 31.07.2013
Label: power house
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • House
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.