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Giovanni Zanforlin



Italian Dj and producer.
Born in '77, takes his first steps in music in the disco of his uncle. At 13 he bought his first record "An accident in Paradise" of Sven Vath. Explores the music to 360 degrees. From the garage to the house until the teckno. Was one of the youngest dj emerging in his home city, and during the party, gave bad time at most successful DJs.
He began playing in the clubs of his city and to work with "Match Music". in 1996 he discovered the world of producer and began composing his first tracks with Rebirth and he love the roland 808. Abandoned the music for a short period. In 2009 he started producing again and in July '10 released his first track on Elegant Bit Record.
The Trip EP - BM Slim
My Semplicity EP -RE.WIND
My Groove Ep -Raw Trax Rcords
Apologies - Elegantstyle VA- Volume 1
Coming sonn:
Casualty EP - Original Fake
The Vibes Ep - Baile Music Records
Unexpected Peace (Giovanni Zanforlin REmix) - Onemusicrecords
TechnoGroove EP - Label Code Records
Sick TIME EP - Reload Recrds

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Giovanni Zanforlin Protempo EP

giovanni zanforlin

Protempo EP

VÖ-Datum: 18.04.2013
Label: Kaapro Rec
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