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fabio giannelli



Fabio Giannelli is an Italian DJ and producer and the founder of District Raw Recordings.
A product of '86, Italian born Fabio Giannelli has spent exactly half his life doing what he does best: making dance floors sweat.

At the age of 13 he entered the music world with his very first turntable and mixer, igniting a candle that would eventually turn into a wildfire.

Fabio’s style has been in constant evolution since his early productions in 2006, passing from electro to techno, via house and tribal, but Fabio is still proud of his musical routes and the path he began to forge for himself while releasing on labels like Maschine, Ocean Dark, International Freakshow, Thirtyonetwenty, BangBang! or Supplement Facts.

He also developed his taste for touring playing clubs like Rex in Paris, Egg in London and Studio 80 in Amsterdam.

Between 2009 and 2011, Fabio desired a more personal and profound direction. This studio time birthed many focused productions and the creation of his own label District Raw.

Emerging with determination and a highly personalised sound, Fabio collaborated with Audiofly releasing 'Phat & Floating EP' on their Supernature label, followed by the 'Grenouille EP' on their other imprint Maison D'Etre.

Early 2012 began with the release of 'Mind Blowing EP' on the Berlin-based label Kindisch. In June, Fabio's track 'Mercury Star' featured on Get Physical compilation Full Body Workout Vol.9. He followed up with his first Get Physical EP, 'Let the Spirit Sing', featuring the highly acclaimed track ‘Maintain’ which would go on to top charts and find a spot in countless dj sets worldwide.

From there Fabio would deliver solid, consistent productions one after the other, each topping the one before it. Remixing the likes of DJ Linus, Wankelmut, Alex Flatner, Tamer Malki and more while touring the world.

The future looks bright and promising for Fabio Giannelli. This is only the beginning of the story, more is yet to come. Continuously renewing himself and with an eclectic spirit nowaday he's working for labels like Supernature, Supplement Facts, OFF, International Freakshow, Material Series and last but not least for his own label District Raw.

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