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Sven has been infected with the ?DJ-Fever? since 1997. What started actually as Hobby, soon became Passion. In the beginning Trance was dominating his sound, And the first booking jobs where with playing Trance - soon a Residency followed @ a club where he could share his passion with lots of people. There were lots of DJ Contests, Partys, Events which soon took almost every weekend time for playing his music. Caused by familiary aspects (his son was born) there came a break, Actually it was planned to give up the music for the family forever, but as the most of you know: who was really infected by the ?Fever? will be never really cured again ;-) And so in 2006 a victory in a DJ-Contest in a radio channel was the cause for his ?comeback?. He started completely new, new DJ name (Drehkontrolle), new Vinyls, new music style, based on minimal, tech- and electrohouse. After this contest a lot of bookings followed and of course really soon a new Residency in a Club (SG..C). He understood from the beginning on to fascinate and enjoy the audience with his mixture of this new music styles. He really ?lives? his sound. Today Sven cann be mentioned as an well booked DJ who has a talent to really ?rock? an audience. He always has a feeling for the mood of the people and what they want to hear.. Frequently there are own Events which stand for this mixture of sound (Minimal, Tech- and Electrohouse). Since 2008 Sven started to work together with Dj P.A.-Trick. They actually met the first time during their Residency in SG..C (Smokingunclub). In january 2008 they decided to play together as DJ-Team ?Fader Gladiators?. They both fit perfectly together because of their sound, there have been lots of bookings during 2008 for the Fader Gladiators. Since 2008 Sven is also investing also a lot of time in Producing and there have been several Releases on Labels around the Globe. Currently Drehkontrolle and P.A.-Trick just signed the contract for a new Release which they have done together. And a lot of new Releases from Sven on different Labels are already planned for this year. Sven always knows how to transfer his good mood behind the tunrtables to his audience, no matter if with his own productions or his DJ-Sets.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.