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Sebastian Fleischer aka Djoker was born in November 1982 in Schwedt Oder. He found his way to electronic music at the legendary Summersafari Open Airs, where he then decided to become a dj. He achieved his breakthrough in 2001 with various bookings in small clubs and Open Airs.

After moving to Bavaria the bookings continued in and around Ingolstadt and Regensburg. In 2006 Djoker started producing his own tracks, which still to this day remains his passion. Shortly after came his first release on the Berlin label ?code2records? and more followed. At present he releases on labels such as ?Funk noir Records?, ?Gemini Records?, ?Qubiq Records? to name a few.
In 2009 Djoker began performing his tracks live where until now he could be heard live in VEB Club in Berlin, at the Nature One and Ohrakel in Ingolstadt.

Djoker can be heard on various radioshows, amongst others on ?Fevah FM? in New Zealand, ?Bewegunstherapie? (movement-therapy) and ?Tooltime FM?. Djoker also works together with artists like Thomas Anderson (bpitch-controle),pele(cocoon records) DJ SoniQ (soniqbookings) and Christian Ferreira (qubiq records) and illBoy Phi(Treibjagd-Records)l
We look forward to the many productions and gigs that are to come in the future.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.