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Dj Westbeat



I was born in 1988.06.03. (Attila Brezovszki aka WestBeat) As a young kis I did a lot of thing. I strarted to play football then I stopped, but nowdays I go to play with my friends in my sparetime. I was always interested in music. Since 2008 I'm studying geograpy at Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem (Szombathely) and here I get acquainted with the DJ profession. Music was always around me so I started to make mixes with pc for my friends then I had a chance to learn how to do it with a real player. Later I got an opportunity to prove in a night club at Szombathely. For two years every monday and then on thursdays we performed there with Adam's. Since the summer of 2011 I'm up and doing in Szécsény (Club Rivalda) and Balassagyarmat (Pool Café Music Bar). It's a honour that I could perform with Miss Groove, Andrewboy, Mateo & Spirit, Andrew G.