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dj ogi



DJ Ogi alias Dalibor Ogorevac got into Croatian electronic music scene in 1995. He is the founder of Rijeka's techno scene and also one of the leading people of today's Croatian electronic music scene. He's an associate of “X-music” show and one of the starters of “Energetica Music” show, both at Radio Crikvenica. Being a proud member of “Energetica Team”, an organization for promoting electronic music, Ogi was one of the people who organized one of the greatest open air festivals in Croatia, “Exotica”.

His style has always been based on hard techno, and even today it's a combination of pumping hard techno and dark elements, marked and well rounded with his beastly mixing technique on 3 decks. His sets could be heard at the raves and parties such as Dance Valley a Spaarnwoude, Love Parade in Berlin, Montagood a Lleida, MTV Valkana Beach Festival 08 at Grobnik, Citadela and Imperium in Brno, Cosmo in Firenze, Opposite Xpression in Balaguer, Liberty White and Footworxx in Oostende, Paradog in Senica, Massacrate in Ljubljana, in clubs like Lov.e in Sao Paolo, Zoreks in Lleida, Florida 135 in Fraga, Maracana and Central Park in Florence, Blau in Girona, Baby O New Life in Ilz, Cinema in Kiev, Ambasada Gavioli in Izola, Lagoa in Menen, Inbox and k4 in Ljubljana, Factory in London, Dom In Berg in Graz, Habitat in Barcelona, Cazin and Tunel in Linz, Fabrik in Ostrava, Suburbia in Udine, Goin in Kempten, ExExtreme in Bratislava, and of course, in many Croatian clubs such as Tesla, Colosseum, Boogaloo, The Best, Monvi etc.

Besides being a very successful dj, Ogi's into techno production as well, and his music has been published by labels like Submission, Nerven, Cardiac Arrest, Planet Rhythm, Patterns, Blackout Audio, Own Stile, Armatura, FK Rec., Compressed, Arms, Corporate, BBWS, Tridonic, Wired, Hard Noiz, Polymeric, Technopride, Mental Tortment, Subviolenz, Gobsmacked, Primary Instinct, Fattalic Resignation, GAD X Cell, H.U.T., Technosforza, Giant and Dwarf, Northwest Dynamics, Centerfire, Holzplatten and Compound.. Also, some of his published tracks have been included on well known compilations like “Mayday 2007”, “Palazzo Mix”, “Hardtechno”, “Schranzwerk” and “Shranz Total”.

In the year of 2005, Ogi and his partner in crime, Daniel Gloomy, have started their label, Beast Music Records, which will publish music by both, the newcoming and the leading hard techno producers.

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dj ogi & diarmaid o meara the speaker ep

dj ogi & diarmaid o meara

the speaker ep

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Label: gobsmacked records
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dj ogi sonic beast ep

dj ogi

sonic beast ep

VÖ-Datum: 24.11.2010
Label: sonic speed records
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