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Dj Manatane



This French DJ began to mix very young in 1991: first friends party as DJ!
His first vinyl was the album "Thriller" of Michael Jackson in 1985.

In 1991 DJ manatane was very fascinated by electronic music especially Techno Music
and Happy Hardcore like Bonzai and Thunderdome compilations.

In 1993, he discovered the DJ package. He bought his first turnable

in 1995 because he was very attracted by the Mix.

He was very influenced by the label Dance Mania and by the DJs Jeff Mills,Green velvet,
Robert Armani and Dave Clarke.

After more three hours per day during several years, he became a real dj : his style are very wide:
techno, jumpstyle, tribal, tekhouse and retro.

He said: "i have adapted to my audience and my time"

In 1996, he began to go out in clubs : Lagoa, La Bush, H2O and Cherry Moon.
Famous Belgium party was his inspiration.

In 1998, he bought two MK2 turnables "It was my dream"
Then, he decided to go to the Galaxie Radio for giving a demo.

Sucess : DJ manatane was born.

After two years like guest, he had his first set "Tribal Mania" all Saturday 10-12h.

In 2000, he met Marco Bailey during the Techno Phenix Party.

In 2001, he had an another set named "Ghetto Mania" on Galaxie 95.30 FM and he bought a Rodec Mixer.

In 2003, DJ Manatane begins to produce his songs and to promote and manage parties.
DJ manatane has played on differents parties and DJ contest in France and Belgium.

Now, DJ Manatane is a mix addict and used a lot of new pioneer technology

His references are the clubs Cherrymoon, La bush, Club H2O, Escape Concept and the famous Lille's students parties.

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