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Vladin Nikolov also known as Divine is one of the main hard-techno artists in Bulgaria. He was born on 9th of February 1992 in the bulgarian sea capital Varna. In his early age, he began with his music career. First, he played the piano and sang in chorus. When he was 13-year-old, he discovered the art of electronic music and started listening progressive and tech-house. One day when he was going to school he saw a boy who was playing music with strange machines at the schoolyard. Divine realised that he likes what that boy was doing and decided to become a DJ. In September 2006, he bought his own dj technics and started training at home. In April 2007 came his first appearence at Club Delhi in his home town Varna, where he was warm-up on hard-techno party. After this event, Divine found that he likes more faster and harder beats and he started mixing & producing this kind of music. Then he and his friends started making local parties which had a big success. 2 years later became his first big event in Club Masai, Varna with Acid Flux (Mexico). After that he was more motivated to continue working hard with music. In the same year he had another achievement ? his debut release for Technoart Recordings (Hu) ? (TART019) SubSonic & Divine - ?Stigmata E.P.? (Released on 29.04.2009). Now, Divine is working on a new label project called Gamma-Core Records which is the first digital hard-techno label in Bulgaria. Together with his crew, he organises parties and manages the label which has many of the best hard-techno artists around the world.