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If Franz Ferdinand are doing rock music that make people dance, Digitalism are making dance music that make people rock. There are loads of rock bands making music for the dancefloor. Digitalism make electronic music that everyone can rock to. For the past two years, they have been the go-to men for indie remixes, having reworked the Klaxons, The Test Icicles, Cut Copy and The Futureheads. Digitalism is Jens Moelle & Ismail Tuefekci from Hamburg. They met at the city’s Underground Solution record store, soon bonding over their shared love of dance and rock records. When the store’s owner, Ollie Grabowski, began casting around for a couple of fresh, young DJs to play at party, he suggested that Isi and Jens team up. “We were of the same generation,” says Isi, “we liked the same records, so we were put in one room together.” Ever the innovators, the boys bought an adaptor for their first DJing gig, allowing them to plug two sets of headphones into one socket. “So you could hear the same thing,” explains Isi. “You never drop out of the groove,” Jens confirms.

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Digitalism Wolves Ltd To 250 One-sided Etched Viny


Wolves Ltd To 250 One-sided Etched Viny

VÖ-Datum: 10.09.2014
Label: digitalism
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