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crazy p



crazy p:
Crazy Penis started out as a Duo made up of jim baron and chris todd. they met at nottingham university where they were studying to further themselves, or rather, sitting around smoking fags and trying to make records. they did make a record called "digging deeper" and it was released on the musica vitae label, which was run by a friend of jims. the track got excellent reviews from the likes of ashley beedle, the murk boys and laurent garnier which encouraged jim and chris to continue with their compositions and begin looking further afield to a successful recording career. The second project was the one that would start their association with paperecordings. the track was called "summer bummer" and created an outstanding response all over the world and brought them to people's attention more. this track relied on classic tones of jims trombone playing, a cheeky sample and an infectious house rhythm that set the ball rolling to the second ep "baby we for real" and their debut album. As requests for live appearances started to come in, jim and chris realised they couldn't do it all on their own, not that they weren't good enough, just that there was lots to do, so new recruit tim davies was brought in. the result of this was the album "a nice hot bath with" this is one of paper's biggest selling albums to date and proves the popularity of the band with brilliant worldwide sales. Since the release of their debut album they have all been busy on different projects. both jim and chris have been djing in places such as chicago, istanbul and huddersfield. chris has been working on his solo project under the name "hot toddy", and he released his album "super magic"in september 2000 on paper. this too was well-received and proved chris's ability to cut it alone. jim has written some solo material too which will feature on paper's sister label repap in the future under his new name Sir Ron Basejam.

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Oliver Dollar & Crazy P Loose Beat

Oliver Dollar & crazy p

Loose Beat

VÖ-Datum: 24.07.2017
Label: yoruba
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crazy p


VÖ-Datum: 12.12.2012
Label: 20:20 vision
  • 12" U.K.
    12" U.K.
  • House
  • CRAZYP009
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