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christian fischer



eipzig original Christian Fischer, DJ and producer for over ten years by now, is renowned for his hybrid and flexible, heavy-hitting yet fragile techno style that oscillates between anthemic House and seminal electro while also embracing the most frantic frequencies. His breathtaking flexibility and scope is down to Christianís residencies where Fischer honed his skills, amongst them at Leipzig cityís famed Distillery club. Running the successful imprint Definition Records, which has become an integral part of the international techno scene over the years while growing into a varied outlet that has helped to shape the movement, Christian is not one to shy away from stylistic advancement and technical innovation. Being one of the first who embraced new DJing technologies such as Final Scratch, Christianís melody-driven, uplifting and progressive sets are legendary. Fischer, who jump-started his career on the befriended Statik Entertainment label and has since released celebrated EP on imprints as varied as craft music, Patterns, Abyss and Whirlpool Sex, teamed up with colleague DJ Murphy, the sensational turntable talent Fischer unearthed on one of his countless Brazil tours and signed for his label straight away, to produce and play under the moniker Deckmonsters. With their crazy turntable tricks, they are breaking every preconception what a DJ set could be like. They released their first longplayer in 2008, which is now followed by Christian Fischerís solo debut album ďBryzant GamesĒ out now on Bryzant.

Itís time for some risky business: Letís play Bryzant Games! In his typical easy-going and open-minded, limitless way, Definition Records label boss Christian Fischer strikes back by nonchalantly pulling out a brand new installment of his definition of Maximum Sound of his sleeves. Freely exploring the outer limits of the electronic music universe with his new long-player, it is up to you where you want to take it: to the floor or to extremes! You choose!

Whether you prefer techno, electro or minimal, ranging from powerful floor tunage to melodic meltdowns, "Bryzant Games" has it all. Exploring the multi-colored hemispheres of electronic dance music, Christian, sounding stronger and more confident than ever, achieves the remarkable accomplishment of leaving behind stylistic conventions and pigeon-holing in favor of total musicality.

Diving into a party cosmos of varicolored possibilities in a pleasantly unbiased fashion, gallant Fischer shows great musical maturity - his multifaceted output reflecting his broad spectrum. To top things off, the East German producer, label owner and DJ cooperated with artists as eclectic as German hiphop singer Sabrina Setlur and UK techno and breaks heroes Slam and Hybrid, the results of which sound Amazing.

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