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channel x



Let us introduce the Berlin-based live-act duo CHANNEL X: It was in 2005 that mutual friends first introduced André and Mirko to each other. Soon after, the two enthusiasts decided to start producing music together and thus formed CHANNEL X. Their musical history however, goes much further back.

As André Quasar, André has been a regular DJ since 1996, playing a mixture of deep house and minimal techno in clubs like the renowned Casino. A DJ first and foremost, he only started to produce in 2003. Mirko, on the other hand, has been experimenting with the production of electronic music since 1996. He is a producer at heart, a precise technician redefining his set of possibilities with every technical advancement, while staying respectful to his musical roots, which range from Hip-Hop, Jazz and Electronica to deeper and harder techno sounds like those of Alexander Kowalski.

Their different approaches to the planet of techno are a genuine source of inspiration for both of them. Mirko started to DJ through André and André has focused more on his production skills thanks to Mirko’s motivation. But differences apart, it is far more important what brings the two together: Producing bouncy music that fluctuates between their different influences, from Mirko’s deeper lounge sounds to André’s minimalistic house approach.

This unique combination resultant in a powerful mixture of clicks, effects and pumping grooves is at the heart of the boys’ energy-laden live sets. Equipped with a machine park consisting of two laptops, a sampler, midi controllers and effects units, CHANNEL X have been rocking clubs around Germany, showing off their perfect technical know-how, stage wisdom and ability to adapt to the mood of the crowd.

After many live shows around Berlin, 2007 saw the release of their first EP on the minimal label Kassette Records. Hailed by ravers and charted by DJs like Pan-Pot, Jeremy P. Caulfield or Afrilounge, the busy DJ Oliver Koletzki – amazed by CHANNEL X’s energy and skills – signed them for a release on his ever-growing label Stil vor Talent. The Bug in Coffee EP was a massive success for both label and CHANNEL X, receiving great press and airtime by big names like Laurent Garnier, Jesse Rose, Karotte or Jamie Jones.

The new album 'Wonderland' is set to be released in October 2012. For their second full-length, the infamous Berliners invite you to take a mad trip through their very own Wonderland. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic psychedelic tale of Alice’s mind-altering experience in a colourful parallel universe, Miko and André Quasar offer a deeply euphoric peek down the musical rabbit hole.