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anja schneider



Anja Schneider

Anja Schneider is the mobilee records founder, broadcaster, internationally renowned DJ and
producer once labeled a "perpetual motion machine", and one of the hardest working individuals
in the business.

From her beginnings in radio to the ‘Hi Five’ anniversary year of mobilee, her ascension through
the ranks has been fuelled by her strong work ethic, sharp tastemaker instinct, charming
personality and innate musicality. Starting out as a producer for KissFM, Anja Schneider became
a radio persona in her own right in 2000 for Fritz Radio. Armed with an engaging presentation
style and impeccable taste, her ‘Dance Under the Blue Moon’ program – which still airs to this
day – resonated with Berlin’s music-loving masses, as well as spread the city’s unique musical
scene to a worldwide audience, and propelled her forward into a career as a club DJ.

After her first forays into production in 2004, Anja Schneider joined forces with Ralf Kollmann to
found mobilee records the following year. Her keen ear defined the emergent imprint through its
early releases, unearthing talented newcomers such as Sebo K and Pan-pot, and paving the way
for her celebrated mobilee debut with Sebo, Rancho Relaxo. Harnessing her unique interest in
collaborative creativity, Anja Schneider’s list of studio partners has grown to include the likes of
Paul Brtschitsch, Marco Resmann, Kiki and lee van dowski, alongside her solo productions. Her
2008 opus, her debut album Beyond the Valley, was released to critical acclaim, with tracks
"Belize" and “Safari” dominating charts and dancefloors worldwide. Alongside her original work,
an extensive list of remixes for labels such as dessous, Crosstown Rebels, and diynamic now
line the annals of her impressive discography and she is now working on her highly anticipated
second album, due for release in 2012.