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Brother?s, Marc and Mati have always been drawn to great house music. They have explored and produced many other genres but have always found themselves gravitating back to the electronic dance scene. With the ever improving production skills of the top electronic producers and the huge advances in technology, now is the time to have a clearly defined killer sound that is unlike anything ever produced. AndT knows that in every great house track there is a certain vibe you get that just feels right and makes the song stand out above the rest. It?s not always the bass, not always the synth, not always percussion and sometimes a total mystery. Many never find it in their tracks. AndT's goal is simple - find that "vibe" and inject it into each and every track.

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Andt Play This/All-In


Play This/All-In

VÖ-Datum: 23.12.2009
Label: Little Cube Recordings
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