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Andres Gil



Andres Felipe Gil a.k.a; ?Andres Gil? it was born in Medellin-CO in 1990, with 14 years he hardly begins his life of the artist, who in just a short time he began to take experience and to share the platform with well-known of DJ' s in its country, like, Leaks, Gabriel G, Select, Merino, TechnoCat, Figueroa, Miguel Duque, Deraout and many more artists, he to had the opportunity to appear in several clubs of the city (Medellin-CO). Their main influences are base in Techno, minimalist Napolitan Techno, and sounds. The DJ' s has influenced that it in their productions is Dandi & Ugo, Vladimir Acic, adam beyer, markantonio, Joseph Capriatti, Piatto, Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti, D-nox & Beckers, Xpansul, Alexi Delano, Dama, [e]rik_MnMl, Atochi, AbnormalBoyz, Alex Di Stefano, Alberto Santizzo, Javier Ferreira, Angy Kore, Alberto Fracasso, Ahmet Sendil, The Advent & Industryalizer, Greenbeam & Leon, Alex Young, And Others.