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Andrea Belluzzi



Andrea Belluzzi aka State's alkemist born in bari at 21/06/1986,when he was 13 years old he start to follow the music scene:minimal,techno,techno hardstyle and commercial. He was starting to work in a clubs when he was 15 years old,and the first club called Kantiere,help him to find more job's night in different clubs.This was just the beginning of his history!When he was 16 was playing in 2 different club in America called:Kasba in Taj Mahal casinò(Atlantic City),Mercury(Athlantic City).That time in America help Mr Andrea to change his music style and to find a really good sound to play in Italy. The Andrea's sound evolutions help him to find a lot of job in really good clubs in italy like:Cocorico,Baia Imperiale,Peter Pan,Boulevard,Echoes,Prince... When he was 18 years old this artist start to produce somethink and later not long time founded a man that believed in him and released the first vinyl called:Alkemy E.P.,later that Andrea had a paused for find some different kind of music's Waves,and his new experiments find another release on Maschine Record called:Good Morning. Right now he work in Berlin in 2 different clubs and he's in contact with a new italian digital label called SubStudio Records for try to have a really good releasea together.........We will see the rest.....

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Andrea Belluzzi The Lost Ep

andrea belluzzi

The Lost Ep

VÖ-Datum: 27.03.2014
Label: synewave
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.