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Alex Roque



Born in S/C of Tenerife in the year 1978, from early age his passion for the electronic music makes him begin in the world of the vinyl puncturing OldSchool HardCore and taking part sporadically in private parties, starting knowing itself with the AKA of "Unrave".

Before the arrival of the new technologies and using his knowledges of the skill, he begins to submerge in the world of the musical development managing to realize several tracks of the scene of the Breakbeat Tinerfeño.

With the passage of time and his long stays in the south of the island, his musical taste begins to be decanted by much softer, melodic and elegant paces clearly influenced by the English culture of Club.

His rising path stopped to guess that he had to interfere more squarely in some communicative and musical adventure, leading him getting the one that nowadays is his clearer and influential style, the Funky House.

It is during the year 2004, when Alex begins to start knowing puncturing like invited every Thursday in the Pub Dcafé of La Laguna and in the Sala Barock, also located in La Laguna. Nowadays his residence supports in the CAMEL BAR of La Laguna, where we can enjoy his DJ Set the nights of the weekends. His meetings also have sounded in such different radio stations as MAXIMA FM, LOS 40 PRINCIPALES , OCIO RADIO and LOCA FM. On April 23, 2006 it is emitted in MAXIMA nacional FM and worldwide (digital channel) one of his better meetings. His offer: good house, with Latin paces, low wreckers and indisputable quality.

His principal virtue: to be able to offer (with big doses of experience), house, funky and electro house, replete with tribal echoes and worn out percussions, obtaining with all this a he forms(trains) of puncturing that he itself defines as hot and surrounding.

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Ibiza Closings Classics (25 Supreme House Monsters)

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33 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2 3