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alex kork



Alex Kork Sound is an unmistakable mixture of Techno and minimal always peppered with a shot of humour. He is active in the techno scene since the early 90ies, first as a dj and organisator of techno events in his home country, later as live act and label head. With the label 9Volt-Musik he has a platform for the kind of music that he calls freaky techno, a sound between straight, groovy and funky beats with lots of crazy elements and ideas pressed on vinyl. Itís also a label for his productions and for friends as well. Alex has released his music on plattenbau-music, Relax2000, Suspect Music, 9Volt-Musik and did remixes for timo jahns, miro pajic, Tom Rooster, Toubi McWeird, Kaufmann & FerdinandÖAlex is mostly performing live solo or with the project Cannibal Cooking Club, founded together with Error for more than 10 years. The own and homonymous label for their crazy and unique sound was born in 2003.But first steps producing electronic music he did already in his youth. Experiments with self-madeoscillators, noise generators, synthesizers and sequencers he was always in searching for newsounds.Further collaborations and projects with friends are Kork & Mule, Kork & Bates, Kork & Offset and Kork & McWeird.

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Alex Kork Rolls

alex kork


VÖ-Datum: 04.04.2014
Label: 9volt musik
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.