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aldo cadiz



DJ and producer, Aldo Cadiz is one of the most recognized electronic musicians from Chile, is perhaps currently the best producer in that country for his ability to compose different styles. And now a little over 10 years of experience in the turntables, and more than ten productions in recent years make him a producer recognized not only in South America but also in Europe where it is constantly working with labels from England, Italy and Germany .
His latest work (Is That Funk EP) under the label BAROQUE casing located on the charts for 2 weeks in the top selling albums coming to be in position number 5 on the label JUNO RECORDS.
Currently work In Progress by the Italian label DEEPERFECT and was raised a step (Indigenous EP) in Beatport and in just two days reached the position number 7 in the category Tech House. Its diverse products pass easily from house to techno dance harder and often entering into the flow with strong influences from the minimalist sound of Chicago.
To participate in various versions of electronic music under plates as TRONIC Soundz - Minuendo - IMMIGRANT - FORCE TRACKS - RENAISSANCE Thrive And the latter two being the most important of his career and with more widespread as they were compiled by the renowned DJ John Digweed. Among its highlights are productions by the label SEED EP German FORCE TRACKS JSCUBA and by the Greek label RHYTHMETIC.
This year 2009, and has a contract to edit by SAFARI ELECTRONIQUE - DEEPPERFECT - LEFTROOM stamps and other world-renowned.
Currently 100% dedicated to the production away from the festivities, keeping a powerful Live Act only for special occasions such as festivals and raves.