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Sascha Sonido



What would Sascha Sonido has been, if he hadnít decided for music? Fortunately, we donít have to ask this question, because the smart guy from Konstanz, a small town at the dreamy Bodensee, regulary letís off a firework on the dancefloors of the worldís clubs. It doesnít matter, if Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland or even Egypt Ė Sascha is one of the international artists who are in demand for sure.

His DJ-sets and tracks make people a little bit happier every weekend. Sascha Sonidoís sound leaves an impression with its unique and vibrant style of Deep, Minimal and Techhouse music. In some way he knows exactly which vinyl he has to use to the right time without losing the ďSonido soundĒ.

The production of Sascha Sonido, intergrates persuasive and seamless in his success story. Releases on Labels like ViVa Music, Kling Klong, Monique Musique, Traum Schallplatten Imprint Trapetz ltd., Material Series and Monza Ibiza Records donít stand for a high degree of quality of his tracks, but show exactly how Sascha hits the taste bud of his time. This explains the umpteen requests of artists, like Pascal Feos, Martin Eyerer, Boris Brejcha and Patrick Kunkel.

Finally, releases like Companero EP by ViVa Music and different Tracks like El Mariachi and Dirty Jobs by Kling Klong make their contribution to the thought, what Sascha Sonido would has been, if he hadnít decided for music. But who is interested in this answer, as long as Sascha makes the world a little bit more beautiful with his music!

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sascha sonido & javier gonzalez panamerica ep (mar-t remix)

sascha sonido & javier gonzalez

panamerica ep (mar-t remix)

VÖ-Datum: 31.05.2013
Label: amazing music
  • 12" Germany
    12" Germany
  • House
  • ama006
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