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Nuria Ghia



Born in Spain in 1978, Nuria Ghia became interested in music at a very young age. Electronic music lover, she decide to move forward in 1999 and started her DJ career at Cyberian Club in Barcelona, and 8 months later she was getting another residency in the famous Woman Caballero Club. Nuria has been resident during two years at La Cova (Barcelona) and also resident at clubs like Cyberian, Cube Club or L?Eix of Vic.

At this moment she?s resident at three clubs: La Cova (Barcelona), Zoom (Girona), Ibiza (Toulouse/Francia), Cosmic Club (Millennium/Sils) and Zentraus (Barcelona).

Known for her great intensity and her sense of groove behind the decks, she has been in demand all over Spain and part of Europe for the past 2 years, playing in some of the most respected clubs and parties. Since she started, Nuria Ghia has played beside some of the most famous DJs: J.Rob, Angel Molina, Richard Bartz, John Selway, Gayle San, The Youngsters, Pascal Clement, Samuel L.Session, Johannes Heil, Pascal Feos, Toni Rios, Oscar Mulero, Scan X, Surgeon, Oxia, Monika Kruse, Allan Sommerville, Woody Mcbride, Rush, Dima, Chris Liberator, Tim Taylor, James Ruskin...

For Nuria the depth of the sound is directly proportional to the sensation of Pleasure. The evolution of her sessions will bring to a higher state of sensuality. Her style is defined by the fusion of the force of the techno with the hypnosis of surrounded melodies. She plays rhythmic and atmospherical techno and she?s also playing, electro-house, minimal and tech-house.

She really looks forward to interchange energy & emotions with her public for the ultimate music experience.

Since 2009 she is a producer too and will release her music on different labels like Young Society Germany and Indipendente Italy.

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4 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 4.