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Matthias Springer



Matthias Springer aka MFS is inspired by the very versatile world of electronic music since the early 1990s. Starting as DJ in eastern Germany by organizing a lot of underground events related to straight evolving Techno beats. He gained a lot of experience crossing ways with acts like Paul Brtschitsch or Robert Templa. He´s currently situated in his choosen city Munich sharing his Studio and skills with Bitterstrom.

Matthias started producing using an old 909 and 303 synth turning some strange toughts into a unique style of music which is hard to describe and very varied, so he uses a lot of aliases for his productions which each covers one part of his musical spectrum. “MFS” represents raw edged and evolving techno beats, influenced by some kind of Detroit-Techno, thrilling your mind and making no compromises. “Matthias Springer” himself stands for groovy and fluffy music with a deep bass and high glaced chords. His last Alias “Aksutique” mirrors his passion for slow sounds and downtempo moving through deep and dark gaps, finally finding yourself in an old and smoky jazzbar.

In the end there is one basic genre that brings all his alter-egos together and which will never lose importance to him,and that is Acid! It is permanently present in his productions as main element or only as acoustic gloss … the little acid-frogs are yelling, you only have to find them.

3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.    

3 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 3.