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Kostas Maskalides



Greek DJ / producer Kostas Maskalides has clearly established himself in the electronic music industry over the last decade.
With a rigorous line-up of local and international DJ sets under his belt, Athensís foremost new techno exponent is known for his ability to create momentum, captivating wide audiences under his output either itís behind the decks or in the studio.
His first footsteps on a DJ booth date back to 1997, evolving ever since with a profound devotion to techno. His style of solid down-tempo beats and sub-infected bass lines has become a known recipe for earth-shaking dance floors across Europe.
With a strong focus and sheer lust for the ultimate in groove mechanics, Kostas Maskalides seems to be the name steadily rising through the ranks of the techno fraternity.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.