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Needlax also known as Oliver Massing was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1982. Miss Pockett also known as Veronica Garcia was born in Moncada, Spain in 1983. Their shared passion of hard techno brought them together in Barcelona in 2005. And they turned their passion for the music into a project by the name of Psychodrums. In which they would produce and play hard techno. In 2006 they moved to Valencia to help promote the hard techno scene there and they not only helped the hard techno scene to flourish in Valencia, but they also gained incredible experience from playing at various free raves and clubs.

Their reputation was growing rapidly and it wasn't too long before they found themselves with their first residency at the Liquid Music Club. They then went on to run their own night technoroom at the Liquid Music Club booking many international and national artists for their parties making their club night and events a huge success. With that, their own reputation increased and with it came dj bookings right across Spain.

Psychodrums moved back to Barcelona in 2008 and after returning they launched a new project. For the first time they would use four decks and two mixers in their dj sets and with that and their new productions they gained popularity taking more and more bookings across Spain . 2009 has been another busy year for the Psychodrums with them booked to play at the Criminal Camp at the legendary Nature One festival in Germany. Also they have South American tour on the horizon and not to mention their busy schedule in the studio.