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Returning from the yearlong It’s You, It’s Me World Tour of 2003, celebrating his monumental debut album of the same name, Kaskade comes home to his Om Records family with his newest offering to the beloved San Francisco Sessions Series, “Soundtrack to the Soul”. A lot has been written, said, and felt about this young man and his music in the past year. The worldwide media, DJ’s, radio stations and music loving public adore him. He’s been praised as “The Best Up & Coming Artist of 2003” from URB MAGAZINE and as crafting “A captivating debut” by BILLBOARD, but still unchanged, humble, and low key in flip-flops, Kaskade, better known as Ryan Raddon, has so much more love to give. The new album gives the listener a glimpse into the deepness of Kaskade the DJ and producer; this is his story… As an 80’s teenager in the Suburbs of Chicago, Raddon was fascinated by the sound of new wave, frequenting Club Medusas where Frankie Knuckles held a Friday night residency. There, he was exposed to everything from Tears For Fears to The Cult, Ministry and The Smiths. As house music was incarnated in the basements and warehouses of Chicago, Ryan increased his Awareness by attending parties and exploring these inspiring, innovative sonic genres. He listened religiously to local radio shows like The Hot Mix Five and Northwestern University’s WNUR, which featured Derrick Carter and Mark Farina. He frequented Gramaphone and built his vinyl collection, eventuall taking to the decks late in the decade.