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Supported by some of Europe’s most renowned DJs, John Benjamin Muder, a.k.a. johnjon, is fast becoming a household name.

Having established a strong reputation for meshing electronics with dance, Johnjon’s releases and remixes continue to be backed by Funk D’Void, M.A.N.D.Y, Oliver Koletzki, Chloé, Kiki, Martin Landsky, Dirt Crew, DJ T., Mike Monday, Christopher Just, Digitalism ... and many more.

Based in Germany’s capital Berlin, johnjon has a residecy at Hamburg’s Baalsaal but tours regularly as a headlining DJ through Japan, Australia and Canada. Johnjon has played alongside many of the industry legends including Sven Väth, Heiko Laux, Funk D’Void and Martin Landsky.

Introduced to German-based producer Chopstick in 2004, the two paired their talent and established Criminal Records. Their first release as Fanclub gained worldwide acclaim. Now up to their tenth release, they continue to receive support from internaitonal DJs Chloé, Digitalism, Phonique, Moguai, Funk D’Void and Martin Landsky.

johnjon’s passion for music has been lifelong. At the age of fifteen, johnjon began writing songs as lead singer and guitarist in a punk rock band. Since his early days johnjons appreciation of music has evolved. As a DJ johnjon has found his love in house and electro and he understands the intencity and emotional experience these sounds can create for his audience.

Recently, johnjon joined the roster of Oliver Koletzkis’ label ‘Stil vor Talent’ and the first single was released in December 2007.

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