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Electro House
Electro House:

Electro House music is a fusion genre of house music with several other electro dance music subgenres that came into prominence in the 2000s decade.

Electro house
Stylistically, it combines the minimal-processed four to the floor beats commonly found in house with harmonically rich analogue or digital basslines derived from tech house. The tempo is predominant of Electro house music, meaning that it usually ranges from 125 to 140 BPM.

Electro house Roots:
The most obvious precursor to the modern electro house scene is the electroclash movement of the early 2000s. Electroclash fused the lyrical stylings and melodic feel of early 80s synth pop from the UK with the harder rhythmic grooves of electronic dance music that came out of America during the same period: electro-funk and freestyle music. Some Electro house artists associated with the electroclash movement, such as Felix da Housecat, noticeably used elements of house in their music at the time and have since come to be seen as highly influential.

Electro house music:
At the same time, tech house was becoming prominent in the late 1990s mainstream, with help from DJs like Satoshi Tomiie and Steve Lawler, who also incorporated elements of the original electro music into their sound dating back in 1989. As it started being played in Europe by 200001, European DJs often used tubular distortion straight to the basslines of their tracks (Zombie Nation's "KernKraft 400" or sono's "Keep Control"), where the sound samples came out pre-synthesized similarly to TB-303.

Electro house music Artist's:
Axwell, Benny Benassi, bodyrox, Dada Life, Daft Punk, dave spoon, Deadmau5,
Digitalism, Fedde Le Grand, Laidback Luke, Sebastian Ingrosso, steve angello, Swedish House Mafia, The Egg, Tocadisco, Vandalism, Vitalic, wolfgang gartner.

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