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Yondo - Edits EP Vol.1 (Family Affair Records)
Yondo - Edits EP Vol.1
Yondo - Edits EP Vol.1
Yondo - Edits EP Vol.1
12" U.K.
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Edits EP Vol.1

Yondo (Family Affair Records)

VÖ-Datum: 14.05.2018

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1960171 / FAR001

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Family Affair Records inaugural release steps out of the shadows bearing a quadruplet of vibrant edits by the faceless Yondo. ~~~~Re-imaginings of 80's club staples by Mary Jane Girls & Evelyn Champagne King and 90s R&B-sides by SWV & Lucy Pearl breathe new life into some familiar jams while keeping their essence - all updated and re-birthed for 2018. ~~~~This record is a bow and your ass is the arrow, aimed directly at the dancefloor. ~~~~Hand screen-printed and hand-stamped with vibrant fluoro solvent ink. Get it while you can cuz it ain't ever coming back.~~~~Family Affair Records is a record label started by Raj Chaudhuri (Livin' Proof / NTS / Boiler Room). Artwork by Mason London.~~

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