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wolfgang voigt - sog abweichung (profan)
wolfgang voigt - sog abweichung
wolfgang voigt - sog abweichung
wolfgang voigt - sog abweichung
12" Germany
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sog abweichung

wolfgang voigt (profan)

Release date: 22.02.2010

Music Style: Techno

Article No.: 1639836 / profan032

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PROFAN (...remember Wolfgang Voigt’s abstract techno label from the 1990s) is back from the future, and again complicates the situation.
Like his earlier projects, the brand new SOG (strictly limited to 400 copies) release combines seemingly familiar and extremely unfamiliar signs, and in the most unusual way bends them around the utterly familiar bass drum.
The result is a conspiracy of four sound frescos of peculiar beauty; and indeed they deserve the title ABWEICHUNG (engl. deviance) - named after Voigt’s painting featured on the cover. This is minimal art techno that raises
Profan 32 will be released before Profan 31which will be released a bit later. Yet both are heralds of the art publication/double CD compilation: WOLFANG VOIGT – WERKSCHAU to be released in spring 2010.
A1. Abweichung 1
A2. Abweichung 2
A3. Abweichung 3
B. Abweichung 4

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