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Violet X Bleid - Badness Ep (Naive)
Violet X Bleid - Badness Ep
Violet X Bleid - Badness Ep
Violet X Bleid - Badness Ep
12" France
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Badness Ep

Violet X Bleid (Naive)

VÖ-Datum: 31.03.2018

Musikstil: Beatz

Artikelnummer: 1958159 / NAIVE002

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Violet and BLEID met last year in Lisbon, at the Radio Quântica studios. In the very same day, they impromptu started working together on a track: a cover of Underground Sound Of Lisbon's 'So Get Up' to celebrate International Women's Day. Together, alongside a crew of young Lisbon DJs and activists, they also run the queer techno party Mina, one of the most vital things going on in the city's nightlife - the picture in the artwork was taken in the backstage of one of those infamous, dark-room-equipped parties.~~~~NAIVE002 feels like a continuation of naive's first release in some ways: the jungle-inspired chopped breaks, sonic synth work and oneiric pads are still there but gain a heavier, perhaps more somber tone at times, exploding into depth or ecstasy at others.~~

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