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Various Artists - Worlds EP (Oltrarno Recordings)
Various Artists - Worlds EP
Various Artists - Worlds EP
Various Artists - Worlds EP
12" Italy
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Worlds EP

Various Artists (Oltrarno Recordings)

VÖ-Datum: 16.10.2015

Musikstil: Beatz

Artikelnummer: 1928330 / OLT01

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"Oltrarno" is an ancient neighborhood of Florence where merchants, artisans and artists were struggling against the sleepiness for centuries.~~~~The first release of Oltrarno Recordings is called "Worlds", produced by the Florence - Berlin based O.R. crew and dedicated to explore the different shades of clubbing music.~~~~The first track from Soutine opens Worlds exploring boundaries between the tribal hypnosis and dancefloor. The florentin dj Teo Naddi debuts in a collaboration with Soutine on the second track, a twisted and ethereal electronic swirl.~~On the other side The Clover brings their western minimal funk stuffed with uncertain melodies while the closing track comes down from the nomadic highlands of Ural into the shamanic territories of the amazons.

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