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Various Artists - Lstnbrghn/sunward (World Unknown)
Various Artists - Lstnbrghn/sunward
Various Artists - Lstnbrghn/sunward
Various Artists - Lstnbrghn/sunward
12" U.K.
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Various Artists (World Unknown)

VÖ-Datum: 23.02.2018

Musikstil: Deep House

Artikelnummer: 1956272 / WU3002X

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Another brace of bangers from World Unknown Music, we're all really pleased with how this one turned out. Big and fat and disco-ready, mastered by Andy Blake and Lawrie Curvepusher via tape.~~side X THEO NASA - LSTNBRGHN~~World Unknown and Theo Nasa first crossed paths in Andres Branco's vintage designer clothes emporium, Wavey Garms. The conversation started with rare Moschino coats and then led to Mr Nasa's music and the fact that Richie Hawtin had just jumped on one of his digital releases. We're really chuffed to be releasing Theo's vinyl debut. It's a pounding big room monster inspired by his first experiences of a certain Berlin nightclub. Theo Nasa will be a big deal sometime soon, there's no doubt about that. Make sure you get on this now so you can tell all your mates how you have been into him for ages.~~side Y TRAYNOR - SUNWARD~~"Can I send you some tracks to listen to I'd love to get some feedback from you". Not an especially odd request for a DJ these days. But it's a very nice surprise when literally every track in an 8 track demo package from someone who has never put any music out before is brilliant. Messrs Bowley and Blake had real trouble deciding which one to choose for Traynor's debut release and eventually went to Sunward. It's trippy and shimmering with a ton of pump. Trancey but not trance, or maybe it is. The kind of thing that lights up your night in a club and gets played again and again at home or in the car

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Theo Nasa - Lstnbrghn

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Traynor - Sunwardn

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