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Ugur Project - Make This Happen EP (robot ranch records)
Ugur Project - Make This Happen EP
Ugur Project - Make This Happen EP
Ugur Project - Make This Happen EP
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Make This Happen EP

Ugur Project (robot ranch records)

VÖ-Datum: 29.05.2015

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1907105 / DADRRR007

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Robot Ranch Records 007 does not relate to James Bond but Ugur Project from Istanbul~~has truly the licence for killertracks. The ep including four tracks, a grabbing quartet of~~electronic timelessness, wich can rarely be found in such concentrated form within the~~ocean of today releases. One definitely will hear, that Ugur Project is living his music with~~each breath. This, considering his huge number of releases also with other labels, makes~~this ep to something special.~~Side A starts with Make This Happen – the eponym of this ep. This minimal house track~~will definitely left deep marks on the dancefloor. It is followed by People Circulate, wich~~with it´s minimal context and lightly tendency to melancholy is well suited for warm ups~~and set closings after days and nights of dancing.~~Sketches Of A Circuit, a classic house track works dignified with some old elements and~~creates a brilliant athmosphere with its clicks and cuts. Additionaly, countless voices in the~~background pretend a full dancefloor. It really is a track to float on and will make the~~audience take up the invitation to “dance”.~~The ep is concluded by Society Failure, is a strong and charming piece of dub techno~~uniting “every kind of music and every kind of taste”. ;)~~Killer!!!~~~~Supported by Agoria, Chris Fortier, Daniel Mehlhart, DJ Linus, Beatamines, Eddie Hu, Daniel Bortz, Seth Schwarz and many more...~~~~

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