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Tsuruda - Move (Division)
Tsuruda - Move
Tsuruda - Move
Tsuruda - Move
2 x LP U.K.
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Tsuruda (Division)

VÖ-Datum: 11.07.2017

Musikstil: Dubstep

Artikelnummer: 1950356 / DVSN035

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Enter Tsuruda. Championing one of the most innovative and heartfelt collectives in the Los Angeles area, this Salt Lake City native has a very bright future ahead of him. Expertly combining the hard-hitting percussion of trap, the swagger and depth of hip hop, and a style of sampling and melody creation all his own, Tsuruda truly brings a unique and gripping sound to the stage. In a scene where true originality and heart is often difficult to find, Tsuruda follows a similar path to artists like Ta-ku and Mr. Carmack. He understands his love for music and his own struggle, and brings them into the light for his listeners. Following his extensive body of work be sure to look out for his album 'Move', dropping on Noisia's DIVISION imprint soon.~~~~

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