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Tommy Guerrero - Perpetual (LP+MP3) (GRAND PALAIS)
Tommy Guerrero - Perpetual (LP+MP3)
Tommy Guerrero - Perpetual (LP+MP3)
Tommy Guerrero - Perpetual (LP+MP3)
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Perpetual (LP+MP3)

Tommy Guerrero (GRAND PALAIS)

VÖ-Datum: 13.11.2015

Musikstil: Headz

Artikelnummer: 1927505 / GP017LP

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Tommy Guerrero continues to expand his horizons while upholding his San Francisco Bay heritage. Starting from the Bones Brigade skate team in the 80's, he has gone on to make movie appearances, design for Levi's in Japan, Vans shoes worldwide, Sutro eyewear (among others), sign a skateboard contract with Converse, co-found Real Skateboards and 40's Clothing and become art director for Krooked Skateboarding, along with maintaining a prolific recording schedule.~~~~A continuation to Perpetuum, an album exclusively released in Japan in 2014, Tommy’s intent for Perpetual is “to strip the tunes down and create more of an atmosphere than being concerned with writing ‘songs’... The other idea [is] to abandon the damn computron and record everything on my Tascam 388 1/4" 8 track tape machine. The limitations with an old tape deck were welcomed with open arms - … I gotta say this is one of my faves and hope people will connect with what I [am] trying to convey. Music is all about an emotional response for me... I hope it resonates with you in a positive way.”~~

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