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Tiger Stripes / Ed Davenport - Hooked / Eyespeak (liebe detail limited)
Tiger Stripes / Ed Davenport - Hooked / Eyespeak
Tiger Stripes / Ed Davenport - Hooked / Eyespeak
Tiger Stripes / Ed Davenport - Hooked / Eyespeak
12" Germany
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Hooked / Eyespeak

Tiger Stripes / Ed Davenport (liebe detail limited)

VÖ-Datum: 25.01.2012

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1737176 / LDLTD05

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!!!strictly limited edition of 500 hand-stamped copies worldwide!!! Here’s the 5th round of liebe*detail’s hand-picked re-release series. This time we combined two very special tracks from outstanding artists Tiger Stripes and Ed Davenport together on a strictly limited 12?. Both tracks haven’t been available for more than 3 years on vinyl now. So here you are - get your copy as long as you can! tiger stripes - hooked (originally released 2007 on cat.-no. LIEBE017) Tiger Stripes is Mikael Nordgren from Sweden. In the past, he has also been producing as D’Malicious and 12th Floor on influential labels such as King Street, Ibadan and Wave. He also collaborated with Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham. As Tiger Stripes he dedicates himself to the fusion of soulful House and Garage elements with a more grabbing Techno aesthetic. In doing so, he manages to cover all sorts of intensity levels, whereupon “Hooked", his contribution for liebe*detail, definetley resides at the upper end of the scale, as it is a very electronic, pushing track wich still is aware of his roots in the north american House triangle New York/Chicago/Detroit, but also manages to infuse it with a european Techno sensitivity. ed davenport - eyespeak (originally released 2007 on cat.-no. LIEBE018) Ed Davenport is also not a stranger to liebe*detail anymore, because after “Swantalk” (liebe013), “Eyespeak” already is his second contribution to the label. Comparing his debut to his sophomore effort, “Swantalk” still was much more anchored in the minimal area. “Eyespeak", however, displays an unmistakable enthusiasm for warm and driving house chords forming the linchpin of this track. Ed doesn’t deliver a classic house track, anyhow. He rather takes a huge chunk of inspiration from Chicago house and turns it into a very modern sounding, kicking dance track.

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tiger stripes - hooked

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ed davenport - eyespeak

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