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Talaboman - Sideral (studio barnhus)
Talaboman - Sideral
Talaboman - Sideral
Talaboman - Sideral
12" Germany
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Talaboman (studio barnhus)

VÖ-Datum: 27.08.2014

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1871474 / SBHD01


Sideral is the debut 12' of Talaboman, the super-duo of Hivern Discs' John Talabot and Studio Barnhus' Axel Boman. The record is released as a joint venture between the labels and comes with a slow-burning remix by Köln-based producer Matt Karmil to accompany the boombastic original version, which was also featured on John Talabot's much praised entry in the DJ-Kicks mix series last year. This record is dedicated to the legendary dj Aleix 'Sideral' Vergés, who ruled over Barcelona's underground discotecas during the turn of the millennium and sadly passed away in 2006. A truly fearless and idiosyncratic dj, Sideral mixed genres wildly and brilliantly, uniting in the dance people from all kinds of musical backgrounds. At a time when few djs dared cross musical borders, he was a real inspiration for both the Barca native Talabot and the young Swede Boman, who lived in the city during the peak of Sideral's reign.

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sideral (matt karmil remix)

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