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Superstar & Star - Mastermind E.P. (porridge bullet)
Superstar & Star - Mastermind E.P.
Superstar & Star - Mastermind E.P.
Superstar & Star - Mastermind E.P.
12" NL
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Mastermind E.P.

Superstar & Star (porridge bullet)

VÖ-Datum: 12.01.2018

Musikstil: Disco / Cosmic

Artikelnummer: 1955521 / PB019

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Superstar & Star are back on Porridge bullet with there first vinyl E.P Proper!: Mastermind E.P!~~.~~A collection of seven classic songs from Superstar's vaults available for the first time on an Estonian Vinyl Record!~~~~Neville Lawrence Immigrated from his home country of Trinidad to New York in the mid 80's where, a few years later, following his fleeting east coast success, he re-settled with Wife Anne (Star) in Omaha, Nebraska where they continued to perform, produce and record music until the present day.~~~~After releasing a cassette, 7' and 12' single with us in the last year we are happy to present yet another wonderful release from superstar and star! Big Big Hugs!

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