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Ron Morelli - Backpages (hospital productions)
Ron Morelli - Backpages
Ron Morelli - Backpages
Ron Morelli - Backpages
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Ron Morelli (hospital productions)

VÖ-Datum: 17.04.2014

Musikstil: Ambient

Artikelnummer: 1859907 / HOS406LP

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Ron Morelli returns to stare down the 'floor with four pieces written during the stress-busting sessions for 'Spit'.~~~~The muggy, droning welt of 'Public Consumption' kicks off with the sound of New York techno shot from the hip, while 'Another Hit' vents a vintage era-Regis style built on skull-chipping snares and effluent acid modulation.~~~~The album's writhing batacuda banger, 'Crack Microbes' reappears here as an extra-ferric extended Version, sustaining the hypnotic intensity for nine minutes of panic attack acid and febrile cowbells, while ''Rushing Again' escorts us to a close with triplet techno shook down by railgun snares and a grotty synthline.

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