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Roman Flügel - All the Right Noises (dial)
Roman Flügel - All the Right Noises
Roman Flügel - All the Right Noises
Roman Flügel - All the Right Noises
2 x LP Germany
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All the Right Noises

Roman Flügel (dial)

VÖ-Datum: 09.11.2016

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1943822 / DIALLP038

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After the major and still ongoing success of his previous albums “Fatty Folders” (2011) and “Happiness is Happening” (2014), Roman Flügel is back with his third full-length CD/LP on Dial Records. “All The Right Noises” includes adventures into contemporary House/Techno music, finest ambient works, and unique broken pieces. What an intense mixture of incredible warmth, weird fluffiness and highest uplift, written in his very own musical language- barely another artist, active since the early nineties, sounds as fresh and surprising as Roman Flügel. ~~From the very first chord of “Fantasy” a dream becomes reality, followed by the wonderfully seducing “The Mighty Suns”, a masterpiece of it's own. Here the journey starts getting slightly provoking with the techy “Dead Idols”. “Namless Lake” and “Planet Zorg” are excessive hymns to start a rave night out. With “Warm And Dewy”, “Dust” and “All The Right Noises”, Roman Flügel proves his love for eternal madness. The closing tune “Live Tends To Come And Go” is another warm Ambient tune in Roman Flügel perfection.

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