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Red Axes - The Beach Goths (Garzen Records)
Red Axes - The Beach Goths
Red Axes - The Beach Goths
Red Axes - The Beach Goths
LP Germany
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The Beach Goths

Red Axes (Garzen Records)

VÖ-Datum: 11.08.2017

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1951362 / GARZEN006LP

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Red Axes have come a long way since the 2014's Ballad Of The Ice. Tel-Aviv, now a scene and sound that the duo were instrumental in putting on the map, has burst onto the world stage armed with limitless electronic bravado and the city's strong guitar music heritage. Now, the much loved duo return, sophomore album in tow on their own label Garzen Records. ~~~~Unique moments and significant experiences gleaned over the course of an exceptionally intense year left Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi with depths of inspiration for their new record. Throughout December 2016, the Axes worked in their Tel-Aviv studio, surrounded by their extended Garzen family - Abrão, Eylonzo Crotch, Gabriel Broid, Adi Bronicki, Thomass Jacksonn & Iñigo Vontier all feature - giving life to a new psychedelic cosmic adventure. The outcome, a 12 track album which invites listeners to The Beach Goths world. ~~~~Red Axes snake their way through genres and periods, clearing an unorthodox highway through conventions, nodding to the past, eyes on the future. Live drums, jangling guitars, fuzzed out synths and an all pervasive psychedelia emerge as the backbone of The Beach Goths. Opener Ride The Sus leads in with a nonchalant blues indebted bluster; Tarzan Blues and Relaxation (For Your Mind And Body) call halftime with a bow down to Dead Kennedys and Cramps era proto punk and rockabilly. While the Axes are quick to jam out exotic post-punk numbers, the land of The Beach Goths is a land of contrasts. The clubs are never far and the drum machines come out on prime time club ready chuggers Piper Work, Shir 1 and the album's first choice excerpt Tantram Power. ~~Dori and Niv's vocal chops feature heavily, standing out on the youthful, kaleidoscopic ballad Loosen and hippy trippy song What Is In Your Head. ~~Closing the album with a warm embrace, helped by Deaf Chonky’s lead singer Adi Bronicki, on psychedelic ballad Into Your Arms. ~~~~The land of The Beach Goths is a land of contrasts. Dive in August 11th.

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