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Oliver Koletzki - Grostadtmärchen (Stil Vor Talent)
Oliver Koletzki - Grostadtmärchen
Oliver Koletzki - Grostadtmärchen
Oliver Koletzki - Grostadtmärchen
LP Germany
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Oliver Koletzki (Stil Vor Talent)

VÖ-Datum: 24.07.2017

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1951021 / SVT037LP

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The Berlin-based techno and house producer and DJ Oliver Koletzki has fully committed himself to his roots for this album. They can be traced back to pop music of the 80ies and 90ies, while his productions still manage to transport the fresh energy of today's electronic music productions. "Großstadtmärchen" is a perfect example for a producer's album: Oliver Koletzki has created a musically compact long player while working together with many different singers. Both established artists like Mieze Katz from the German electro-pop outfit MIA., the hot German pop-rock-singer Axel Bosse, critically acclaimed indie band Kate Mosh as well as newcomers such as Fran, Pyur and Juli Holz have contributed to the album. The result are ten songs that easily fluctuate between catchy pop tracks, modern house grooves and 80ies synthesizer pop yet still maintaining a very own Koletzkieske sound dynamic.~~~~"Großstadtmärchen": This title is chosen for a reason. The story behind Oliver Koletzki is also a magical tale of believing in yourself. Since he is 12 years old, Oliver makes music, by himself or in bands: it is the love for the energy of soundwaves that makes him work hard on himself. In 2005 Oliver Koletzki celebrates the big breakthrough by releasing his hit "Mückenschwarm" on the label of techno grand daddy Sven Väth Cocoon Records. It becomes not only the biggest tune of the year, but also the best selling single on Cocoon Records ever. With this success in mind, Oliver directly realises his dream of starting his own label to promote newcomers. Stil vor Talent also becomes the platform for the release of his first album "Get Wasted" in 2007. One year later, Oliver proves his intuition for pop music when he signs the track "3 Tage Wach" by Lützenkirchen. He makes a low-budget-video for the track that gets an astronomically large half a million views on YouTube within the first three weeks. At least from here it is obvious: Oliver Koletzki is not your average techno producer.

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