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Mokona - Love In Restricted Areas (Templar Sound)
Mokona - Love In Restricted Areas
Mokona - Love In Restricted Areas
Mokona - Love In Restricted Areas
12" U.K.
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Love In Restricted Areas

Mokona (Templar Sound)

VÖ-Datum: 30.03.2018

Musikstil: Beatz

Artikelnummer: 1958392 / TS015

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Dutch artist Mokona returns to Templar Sound for his third release on the label with 'Love in Restricted Areas', described as being set in a private laboratory complex deep inside a forest, recorded during the summer after long nights of medical research.~~~~* 'Love in Restricted Areas' continues the lush and serene soundscapes explored on 2015's 'Breathless' EP, while mixing more club friendly tracks like 'Perfumed Steel' and 'A.N.G.E.L. Guard System' with the meditative as found in 'Heart Sync' and 'Natalie's Aquarium Lab'. With a strong cinematic feel permeating throughout, and having taken his name from a character of the manga xxxHOLiC, which explores Japanese mythology and culture, it makes perfect sense that a track like 'Cupid's Bow' feels like it could have been lifted from a Studio Ghibli soundtrack.~~~~* Though hard to pin down to a single genre, Mokona has produced a beautifully layered record that is just as fitting for head phone listening as the chill out room.

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